Betfred Expands Presence in South Africa

June 11, 2024

LottoStar has been present in South Africa since 2014. Since then the company has become amongst the biggest operators in the country. Now Betfred has swooped in to take control. The bigger organization has purchased a majority share of LottoStar. This means that Betfred has become a major player in the region.

This isn’t the first big move the company has made in the South African gambling market. Prior to the deal with LottoStar Betfred already offered online services. A total of 53 retail stores were also opened. Now with control of LottoStar it likely won’t be long before Betfred is a dominant local force.

Apart from expanding in South Africa the organisation has also been busy worldwide. CEO Joanne Whittaker Shared some thoughts.

A Globally Active Company

Whitaker first explained that the deal with LottoStar will strengthen both companies. She elaborated that the organisations will continue to operate as normal, creating a powerful corporate team locally. She added that the move will also have far reaching benefits. Mention was made of operations in Europe and the United States, but Whitaker did not elaborate further on these operations.

The United Kingdom is where the corporation is most active. A massive 1,600 betting shops are operational in the region. Plus Betfred is also recognised as the largest independent bookmaker, and amongst the largest companies in Western Europe.

As far as LottoStar is concerned the company has a good local reputation. It wasn’t long ago that a $1 million fund was completed for needy children. Multiple marketing campaigns have also been launched to assist local communities. On the business end of the spectrum the operator is known for offering fixed odds betting and live online games.

Focus on the United States

Betfred has also been focusing on the United States. Licenses have just been awarded for Arizona and Louisiana, meaning that the regions are next on the list. It likely won’t be long before a dominant presence is established in both markets.

On the technology front the company has just renewed a partnership with Inspired Entertainment. Inspired Entertainment is known for its virtual sports, specifically horse and dog racing. They have been partnered with Betfred for 15 years already, and now have a new contract moving forward.

Inspired Entertainment has certainly been seeing the benefits. It wasn’t long ago that the corporation reported a 166% revenue increase. No doubt their renewed partnership will be pushing those numbers even higher.

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